How to Take Care of the Parking Lot at Your Business

Curb appeal is such a huge part of attracting customers to your business, and taking care of the exterior of your business is included in that. It is important to maintain your business’ parking lot not only to minimize damage but to uphold your business aesthetic. Here are a few ways that you can routinely care for your business parking lot if it falls under your jurisdiction.

Sealcoat It

One great way to take better care of your parking lot and to ensure that it is looking clean and new is to top it with a sealcoat. When applying your sealcoat, you want to make sure that the application process occurs in optimal weather. For example, you don’t wait to apply it if it is rainy or stormy outside. Try to apply the sealcoat when it is warm and dry outside without risk of precipitation. If the sealcoat gets wet before it is fully dried and sealed, its effectiveness could be in jeopardy. Ideally, your seal protects your asphalt parking lot from cracking, damage, and disrepair due to winter conditions.

Fill in the Cracks

Another treatment that you’ll want to use on your business parking lot is to fill in the cracks in the pavement. Cracks in any kind of pavement occur naturally, especially if you live in an area that has drastic seasons and wet, cold winters. As water coats your pavement and freezes, it can create cracks in your parking lot. Even small cracks will grow and damage your paving as time goes on. This not only looks unattractive but can be dangerous as it can create slippery gravel or uneven levels. If you notice that your parking lot has cracks that need to be taken care of, you may want to utilize tar, rubber sealant, or asphalt emulsion to repair your cracking.

Repaint Parking Lines

Even though this may be one of your lowest priorities, it is important to make sure that your parking lines are freshly painted and defined. There are some big machines that can be used to paint these precise lines, but you can also paint it yourself while using a four-inch paint roller and the appropriate style of paint. This will help your customers to know where they should park and will minimize any confusion or issues that could be caused by incorrect or irregular parking.

Although the upkeep of your parking lot may not seem like a very pressing matter, it can really make a difference in your customer’s experience. Make sure that you are aware of any issues that could be occurring because of cracks or issues in your parking lot, so you can better take care of them. As you do so, your customers will have a better, safer experience as they approach your store, and your business will also seem more attractive.

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