How You Can Reduce Errors in Your Company’s Production Line

Error reduction is an important topic that must be addressed by business owners and leaders of all industries. Errors in a production line mean wasted time and money. Here are three tips to help your company reduce production line errors.

Increase Training Opportunities

Many production errors occur because of insufficient knowledge, skills, or training on the part of your employees. Some employees avoid asking questions out of fear of being thought foolish or stupid. Others avoid asking questions simply because they don’t know what it is that they don’t know. These unasked questions can lead to production errors.

Increasing the number of training sessions you do with employees can greatly remedy these mistakes. With more training, employees can remember and consistently deliver a quality product. The better education you provide through increased training will allow your employees to achieve and exceed your expectations.

Greater Communication

Another leading cause of production errors is a lack of communication. An astonishing number of mistakes can be avoided by increasing communication on the production floor. It is primarily the manager’s responsibility to take action to improve their communication with their workers.

Showing your face more as a manager can help to increase employee responsibility and communication. One of the most effective methods of doing this is called a Gemba walk. The Gemba walk was developed primarily by Toyota in the late 20th century. This term comes from the original Japanese word gembutsu, meaning “real thing,” or “real place.” The concept of gemba stresses in-person observation and problem solving. Periodically taking time to physically observe the production process live can help in error reduction. Gemba walks allow managers and business leaders to identify areas that could be improved within the production process.  

Emphasize Accountability

Increasing employee accountability is another way to reduce errors within a production process. Emphasizing accountability will help employees perform their best, as well as help business leaders identify the source of any production errors.

One simple way to increase accountability in your company’s production line is to use a detailed checklist. This strategy will ensure that the most important steps in the process will not be overlooked. Make sure employees consistently submit documentation of the work that was done. This documentation will form a paper trail that enforces accountability and contributes to error reduction.

The number of errors in your company’s production line can be greatly reduced through increased training opportunities, greater communication, and an emphasis on accountability. Try these three tips and get ready to enjoy the lack of errors in your production line!

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