How Your Home Services Business Can Increase Visibility Online

You’ve been running a successful home service business for years. But recently, you’ve started to feel an ever-increasing move to online. It can seem overwhelming at times to figure out how to make your business more present online. Here are three things you can do to increase your online visibility.

Stay Active on Social Media

It may not seem like the most intuitive thing in the world to stay up on your Facebook page when you run a pool servicing business. But, because most people are active online, having functional social media accounts can be great for visibility.

Try coming up with a creative content posting plan. If you run an interior design business, think about posting different before and after pictures. Maybe post simple decorating hacks that your viewers can try in their homes. Posting content like this will make your page useful to users which will subsequently drive up your online presence.

Use Listing Sites

Another important step you should take when trying to increase your visibility online is using listing sites. Listing sites include websites like Google My Business, Bing Places, and Yellow Pages. Making sure that your company is accurately listed on a variety of different listing sites will increase the likelihood of users finding your company when looking for options.

 While it’s essential to get your business listed on some of these bigger websites, you should also pay attention to websites like Houzz. Houzz cuts down on fake reviews by requiring users to create an account first. Knowing that all the listed reviews come from authentic users can help prospective customers feel like they can trust you more.

Post Blogs Regularly

In addition to listing your website on different relevant sites, you should also focus on making your website a useful resource for customers. Just like you should focus on producing interesting and engaging content on your social media, create a blog. This will allow you to post more extensive and beneficial information for users.

When it comes to increasing your online visibility, it can seem like quite an overwhelming project. With so many suggestions out there about how to make your website standout and how to increase online engagement, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Starting with these things can help you make progress towards best leveraging your business’s online resources.

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