Industries Most Harmed by Pandemic Supply Chain Disruptions

The last year has brought many different challenges for the world of business as a result of the worldwide pandemic. This is because supply chains were disrupted by international restrictions. Unfortunately, there were certain industries that were hit harder than others.


Nowadays, food distribution comes from all around the world. You are no longer limited just to food from your local farms and production factories. However, when the pandemic hit, travel was restricted and consequently food transportation was cut down too. Additionally, the food supply chain changed because people started to change up how they ate food because they no longer went to restaurants. As a result, food had to be produced in different ways, but they also had to source food more locally. For example, there was also a beef shortage.


The automotive industry is built from a collaborative effort from many different countries. This is why the worldwide pandemic would hurt a worldwide industry. As a result, even if one country had the majority of the parts to make a car, it did not matter unless they could get the missing piece from a locked down country. However, now automotive supply chains can be aided by IMDS, also known as the International Material Data System. The IMDS helps auto manufacturers keep track of materials throughout the supply chain. Using the IMDS auto manufacturers could better plan for the supplies that they ordered. So, during the pandemic, the manufacturers knew what supplies they needed, but they could not get access to it.


Similar to the automotive industry, the tech industry depends on manufacturers from different countries worldwide. Another consequence from the pandemic was that there was a time when people could not go into work unless they were an essential worker. That meant that workers were not going into the factories to make the small or large parts needed for various technologies. That said, for those tech industries that were still able to work during the pandemic, they actually found a lot of success because the use of tech grew exponentially during the pandemic. Then again, many companies were not able to keep up with the rise in demand, which hurt the tech businesses.

The supply train took a large hit during the COVD-19 pandemic for many industries in different ways. However, only time will tell how these industries will be able to pick themselves back up and grow in a post-pandemic market.

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