5 Ways on How to Embrace Your Inner Beauty

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Got some weight to lose? Don’t worry, if you are tired of having an unhealthy lifestyle and you want to work more on your body, come here and I’ll tell you an important secret. You should really work on your inner beauty first. I’m not kidding. Here’s why …

1. Mirror shows all the wrong things

Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin phrase which means there’s a healthy mind or spirit in a healthy body. Those Romans certainly did know their thing, right?

The mirror shows your body. Look for the mirror that shows your inner beauty. Find the bright side in your soul; the little things about you that make you feel good.

External “beauty” fades with time. You will grow old one day and get all wrinkly and gray-haired. Unlike inner beauty, which will surely accompany you until the day you die.

2. Don’t compare yourself to other people

It’s all about completely loving who you are, exactly how you are, with no judgements. Look around at the world. Everybody is different and unique.

Because of false advertising, we are used to comparing our “inner beauty” with other people’s images. And that is without realizing that those identities are created by people who are precisely trying to make you feel bad about yourself. This is how they create the need for you to buy things (like beauty products for example) you don’t really need but you think you need to feel better.

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In order for you to achieve inner beauty you need to get your priorities straight. You don’t do it just for the sake of it, but because it’s good for you and for once why wouldn’t you want only what’s good for you?

3. Inner beauty is the deal maker!

When you love someone, the last thing you want is to hurt them. So, when you truly love yourself, this very same rule applies.

Get to know your own body. Listen to what it tells you. Did that burger you ate give you a stomach ache? Well, next time you will know better! Repeating the action that already caused you pain is just being stubborn and not caring for your own well-being.

And when you do something good for your body (like not eating that burger), you learn something: that caring for your body boosts in a great deal your self-confidence.

Unlike many people believe, self-confidence is not about showing off what a great body you have, but about being able to walk your way without minding what people think of you.

4. Start by quitting the bad habits

This is how a friend of mine stopped smoking. First, she started reading about self-care and then she got into yoga. Of course she already knew smoking was bad for her, but not in the deep way she later realized. By just saying: “I’m better than this” every time she was about to light up a cigarette, she took control over the addiction. You too are indeed better than this!

They say your body is a temple. And they don’t say it for no reason. It’s actually the best metaphor for the care you put into your whole life.

To acquire new and desirable habits read this blog post.

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5. Watch out for stress!

Stress is another important factor for unhealthy habits. I believe it’s one of the most terrible issues of our modern society because of all the problems it causes. If we are stressed in our everyday lives, we tend to go for the easy way out. And this means having a cigarette after a long day or going out to get drunk to avoid thinking of our problems.

You can even do a “good thing” to take the stress away for now; but when some situation comes along later, you are back into the circle. I can assure you that when you have a truly healthy spirit, you won’t get this problem.

It actually takes a lot of courage to stand above the easy way and do it the hard and better way for you. But you can do it! Think about all the people living in this world. Each one of us has their own demons to fight. In the end, it all comes to simple choices – do I eat the healthy food or the unhealthy food; will I let this magazine make me feel bad about my body or will I look at myself and accept me just the way I am?

So what are you going to choose today?

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