Why so serious? Learn to enjoy life now!

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Sometimes we are taking things in life too serious. It’s a good personal quality if you are caring and responsible but it often happens that we put on our shoulders too much luggage. There are some things, which we can’t change and that cause us unnecessary stress. By learning how to enjoy life, we can release stress, tension and spend more quality time.

“Don’t take it personal.” “Don’t take it too seriously.” Are you familiar with these sayings? I’m sure you are. Many of us have heard them at least a couple of times.

Just right after you listen to these words, though, they often make you feel the exact opposite, don’t they? Quite similar to the usual “Don’t yell…” followed by “I’m not yelling!”

But then, when you think about it, you may find yourself saying something like: well, yes…why should I take this matter so seriously? And the answer is a beautiful blank space.

Stop taking life too seriously

It happens a lot these days, especially at work or school. Society is always putting so much pressure that it makes you forget what life is all about.

I know, in the moment, it may seem like the end of the world but it’s not. While you’re stressed and trying to complete a task and you’re about to have a complete breakdown, the whole thing seems “normal” to everyone else when it’s not normal, at all.

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No Stress Allowed

Taking life too seriously can get tremendously stressful. And stress leads to sickness. And we don’t want that, do we? So, take a deep breath, look at nature and remind yourself of the cheerful things in your life.

Bring the control-freak a bit down. If your problem is perfectionism, try to give it a rest as often as you can. There is no such thing as perfection. Well, at least not a material thing. But when you get to a state of peace-of-mind, you can accomplish anything.

Just like Linkin Park wisely said: In the end, it doesn’t really matter.

Actually, this is true because you know in the end we all die. Kaput. Finito. Adiós, amigos. So why should we take things so seriously in the first place? Aren’t we supposed to enjoy our lives and our short time in this Earth while we can? Well then, let’s go!

Often enough, we find that the things that “matter” to us only matter to a certain extent. And that’s not a bad thing; quite the opposite. It’s freeing!

It’s a very Buddhist thing to say that we can live with almost “nothing” in the physical dimension. On the other hand, we must be fulfilled in the spiritual dimension in order to “ascend”, as the good old Buddha would say.

You don’t need to give up all your possessions, the people you love and civilization to find out the joyful meaning of life. You can do it here, now and practice it every single day of your life.

So, please stop worrying!

Look at the bright side of things. Try to be positive, always. That’s how you’ll learn to enjoy your life and realize that the “serious” issues are not that serious after all.

There’s a tiny trick for this. It’s laughter. Yes, you heard me right. When you are faced with a stressful situation, try to laugh at it. It’s like telling life: “Are you kidding me right now?” in the face.

You don’t even have to mean it. Just start by smiling and then go for the interrupted breathing. Then, go for the loud and a bit psychotic laughter. There you go.

The important thing about laughing is that: first, it makes you feel better; and second, it provides the perspective that makes you separate yourself from the things that are worrying you.

That way, you find out it wasn’t worth the seriousness in the first place. So, laugh it off!

Learn to let go of the aspects of life that are not so worth it and focus on the ones that are.

People who take life easy and with delight (without worrying and seeing matters seriously) tend to have fuller, longer and happier lives.

One of many ways to live like this is through mindfulness and rejoicing in a kind of #YOLO philosophy. Want to know more about this? Click here.


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