Life Coach: Can money really buy happiness? 


Another FAQ I get as Life Coach is the question: Can money really buy you happiness? I think you’ll find that, often enough, happiness is not an end but more like an attitude. It may depend on many things and what you make your own happiness rely on is what authentically defines you as a person.

Also, it can be overlooked in the everyday-life. Maybe it can be achieved, almost without noticing, while you’re drinking your morning coffee or getting to work on-time or even looking through the window to find a graceful landscape. This kind of happiness can be defined as contentment. Try looking at it this way: if you are not unhappy, then the most probable thing is that you are in fact happy, but you just don’t notice it. Why would the little things in life not worth some of our attention?

Life coach tip: freedom can be a form of happiness

Freedom can also provide happiness. To truly be who you want to be or doing the things you love without worrying about prejudice from other people. This would also mean breaking up from the concern of money that is terribly common in our lives. It may sound almost utopian to live this way, but to incorporate a philosophy like this into your life can also be pretty rewarding.

What money can buy is what is known as a “good life”. It is quite obvious that in our world you can hardly live well without it. Now, if you find yourself in a position where you don’t have to worry about how you’ll be paying your bills or buying your groceries, then you are extremely lucky. Again, it’s about noticing the little things that you can afford. This creates a sense of gratitude.

What is money anyway?

To be grateful with what you have leads to happiness. If, despite having what you have, you keep thinking of what you don’t have, you will never be completely satisfied and, therefore, you will have trouble to achieve the happiness you seek. It would become an impossible target instead of a way of living.

Remember that, without you, money is nothing. You are the one who makes it worth by doing with it what only you, and no one else, think is most important.

Another very important thing to bear in mind is that the power to be utterly happy is in your own self, although the “trigger” for this can be any external factor, whether it’s money, love, health, etc. How you work with these components is the way you’ll be shaping your own life. Then you’ll have your priorities well established and you’ll know for certain the value you put into each one of them.

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