Life Goals are Overrated, Forget Them Now!

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Life goals are the one most overrated things, humankind invented. And let me tell you, one of the most remarkable things I’ve applied to my life in order to be happy is exactly the absence of goals. I don’t like the idea of setting specific aims because I believe it’s a bit pointless, really. Keep reading to find out why.

People change. That’s a fact. We all evolve accordingly to the events we experience and the knowledge we acquire. With time, we find ourselves being someone completely different from the person we used to be.

Our feelings change. Our views of the world change. And therefore, so do our goals and dreams.

Think about it: do you aspire to the same things you did five years ago? I bet the answer is no. If I’m mistaken, then think about why that is the case, but that would be a completely different matter. So setting life goals, what’s the point?

Today, all those things which were supposed to make you happy don’t mean anything anymore.

… Instead concentrate on values

When I think about the future, I think about the values that I want to live and the path which I want my life to take. It’s always important to have certain concepts clear, such as your philosophy of life, what you think is good for you and what isn’t.

For example, I know I would like to do more things to help stray animals and things like that. I have this clear in my head because I know that is something that makes me happy. I do not, however, state a specific point in time and space to do it. Those circumstances will present themselves when it is right.

And although I do what I can on a daily basis, I know there are still plenty of things for me to do! Knowing this becomes a strong motivation to keep finding out where and how I can give a hand.

Listen to your heart and body

I listen to my heart and my body and go all the way with those instincts.

Many people create very specific goals and then obsess about them. I recently published an article about a very useful Philosophy of Life which consists on not worrying about things you can’t change. You can read all about it her.

See why life goals are overrated? You don’t need to reach for a galaxy far, far away … 

It’s like believing in the Force. As a Jedi, you would have to work with it in the Now, focusing on it. But the moment you obsess about the idea of you being the Chosen One and overestimating your power, you start craving for very particular matters. And this is how Anakin Skywalker fell into the Dark Side, ladies and gentlemen…

So there’s no need to worry. Somehow I’m absolutely certain that whatever I will be into in five years from now, that will be IT then. There will be no point in setting long term life goals for the things I used to want before. When that time comes, I will be able to decide how I want to do them. In the meantime, all is well.

That being said, I don’t completely agree with the things I did five or ten years ago and I would definitely not do them now. But at that time, they made me happy and that’s what I’m left with. No regrets.

What if you actually reach your goals? Well, I ask: what then? It is quite possible you will be very, very happy about it…for a very, very short time. Until you set the next goal and then it turns into a vicious circle all over again.

I don’t know about you, but I just don’t want to wake up one day being 80 years old, look at my life and realize I’ve had the amount of maybe a month of happy-because-I-achieved-my-goal moments and then the rest has been only struggle and unhappiness.

Live happy, without regrets and life goals

That’s why I simply focus on today. It’s all we have. This day right here, right now. What am I doing today to make myself happy? How will I look at the world in order to be content with my life?

I just don’t think about what I will be wanting in five or ten or twenty years because I am aware of how much I will change in the period between now and then. And the point is to enjoy the in-between.

Everything I need to know about the future, I already do. I want to keep having a happy life, of course (who doesn’t?); I want to live somewhere where there is a lot of sun all year long; I want a big family and many animals; I want to help people and do good things, etc.

“Those things actually sound like life goals”, you may be thinking. Well, they are not goals. This is only a general path that I know I want to follow. But even if something changes I know I will just accept it and carry on. And the best thing about this is knowing that even if I die tomorrow, I will die a happy person because every day is exactly what it should be: live happy and without regrets.

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