Maintenance That Auto Mechanics Need Done in Their Shops

Automotive repair can be a messy process, so it’s essential to keep the shop well-maintained and in good condition. Any sort of problem, such as a burned-out light or a broken fan, can interfere with the mechanics’ ability to do their best work. Regular maintenance is necessary, including attention to those background systems that tend to get overlooked until something goes wrong.

Electrical Maintenance

Auto mechanics rely on power tools and machinery to do their job, and an electrical problem can cause delays or possibly create a dangerous work environment. In a busy shop, outlets and circuits can become loose, damaged, or overheated through continued use or overloading. Water leaks can also cause corrosion or lead to shorts or fires. An electrician should periodically review the electric systems in the shop. They’ll inspect all wiring, circuits, outlets, motors, and meters to ensure everything is in good condition and functioning properly. The electrician can also advise you in the best way to avoid problems and stay safe.

Pavement Sealing

Auto mechanics work with lots of chemicals that can degrade concrete floors. Even with careful handling, it’s possible for engine oils and other corrosive substances to spill or splash. Since concrete is naturally porous, it will absorb the substances, causing a potential health hazard.

Pavement sealing will create a strong, durable finish that prevents absorption so any spills can be completely cleaned up. It will also make dirt and grime easier to clean. The sealant should be applied every two to three years, depending on the wear and tear it endures.


A well-functioning ventilation system is indispensable in keeping auto mechanics safe from hazardous fumes and dust that occur as a byproduct of their work. There are several types of ventilation systems available, but all of them need regular maintenance to keep the air quality at its best. It doesn’t take long for ventilation systems to pick up dirt and grease. In a periodic checkup, all fans should be cleaned and bearings, belts, and motors inspected. Screens should be checked, and filters should be changed at regular intervals.

Sticking to a routine of maintenance can keep the shop clean and well-ordered, but more importantly, it can keep workers safe. Auto mechanics should be able to focus on their work without interruptions or concerns about a system failing or a problem occurring. Preventative maintenance is the best policy.

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