Major Business Expenses You Might Not Think About When Starting a Business

When starting a business, there is a lot you must consider. You might be more focused on your business plan and how to create the best product or service. However, there are some expenses you need to consider when starting a business.


According to Molen & Associates, there are many taxes involved with running a business. They also vary between states so make sure you are aware of all local taxes. Some taxes include taxes on your sales or production. You can also be taxed for the property or equipment you use. There are also taxes associated with your employees, including payroll taxes. For payroll taxes, you need to withhold a designated amount of money from employee paychecks and then pay that money in taxes.


For the protection of your business, it’s important that you purchase insurance. This can be a significant amount of money but it is worth it in the long-term. There are several types of insurance to consider. First of all, you should think about general liability insurance. This covers you if there is an accident on your property, such as a customer slipping. Another type of insurance is commercial property insurance. This covers anything unexpected that may happen on your property including natural disasters. Another common type of insurance is workers’ compensation. According to Barnes Disability, every state but Texas requires businesses to buy workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance is used if an employee is injured on the job. It covers their medical bills and any other related expenses.

Operation Costs

Once your business is up and running, according to The Blueprint, you’ll need to account for operation costs. Operation costs are the costs your business incurs on a daily basis. Without these costs, your business wouldn’t be able to operate at all. These costs include many things from running your office to production. In your workspace, you’ll have to pay for utilities as well as rent. You may also need to pay for signage for your building or equipment needed for production or daily tasks. Of course, you also need to pay your employees. As you budget your business, make sure you account for what it will cost you to actually run your business.

As you start your business, make sure you account for these costs. They can take a large chunk of your money and if you aren’t able to pay them, your business can fail before it even begins. To avoid this, make sure you plan and prepare well when determining the costs of starting your business.

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