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We are surrounded by our daily routine, stress, obligations, etc. and we can quickly forget about meaningful things in our life. Maybe you are wondering, what is it that gives your life meaning? That’s a good question, which will bring you answers about the things that will fill your life with satisfaction.  Ask yourself: what are the things that you love the most? What are the things in your life that matter the most to you?

Here are a few recommendations for creating a meaningful space of your own life.

You may be concerned about prosperity, financial stability or even procuring a reliable legacy for future generations. All these things are very well but what about everything else?

A contradiction in terms: Many people fear of dying… but then they live like they’d live forever

We are always getting distracted by everyday things like going to work and following the routine. We push ourselves only to get the wrong things –like buying a nicer car, a better house, amazing jewelry or the latest iPhone.

Often, we forget that those are not the things that make us happier, nor what really matters in our lives.

DEATH is the one thing we have no control over. We just can’t escape it, no matter what. So why don’t we make the best of LIFE while we can?

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Here’s how you can discover the meaningful things in your life:

Once you look deep into yourself, you’ll find out that the things that really matter are those that bring a light and happy feeling to your heart and soul. A few examples are family, friends and loved ones; caring for your pets and helping other people with charity work.

→ The importance of the small moments

Start by appreciating the social aspects of your life: talking with people, sharing nice moments over coffee or dinner, nourishing meaningful relationships, etc. 

When my father died, people said that, if they didn’t know me, they would have no clue that something that awful had happened to me. Basically, I was acting like nothing happened. In truth, this is how I see life & death and it’s a very simple attitude: do everything that is in your power to do while someone is still alive. Show them all your love and respect. Have quality time with them. Otherwise, you can be visiting the cemetery everyday but it won’t change a thing.

Let’s stop pressing the snooze button on things that really matter or in the end we will die as very unhappy people!

On the other hand, think about the things that move you forward. What are your favorite hobbies? What do you feel most passionate about?

→ Prioritize your life

Always put first the things that matter the most, for example, love, friends, family, relationships, health, etc. This way, you’ll never let yourself down by not minding those important things.

And…you will have no regrets – even if you die tomorrow.

→ Explore new things

You don’t have to have all the answers right now. If you don’t, you’ll soon find out. You just have to try the stuff you never thought of before. This usually does the trick. Focus on the lovely things you would like to do in your life and go for them. Now go ahead and make YOUR bucket list!

→ Any regrets? Hell, no!

A while ago, a friend of mine would call me many times a week and he would always say to me: Miha, try to imagine you’re lying on your death bed and tell me if you’d be saying to yourself: “Why didn’t I work two or three more hours?” Or, “Why didn’t I buy another mobile phone?” The right answer is “Of course not!

Now, I ask you: what will be the regrets that you will have? I’m sure you wouldn’t want those, right? Then, let’s start and make your life more fulfilling!

My grandma taught me this. In her lifetime, she never did many meaningful things. So near the end, she was full of regrets and negative energy. “I wish I had been nicer to people”, she said, “I wish I had done this and that…” There’s no way of going back in time.

Here is the lesson

Sooner or later, that final day will come, the trumpets will sound and I really wish that nobody would look at the past with regrets.

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