Overcoming rejection by giving it a second chance?

overcoming rejection

In my previous Fail Coach post “How to overcome rejection” I mainly discussed how to stay motivated in the middle of rejections. In this post I will describe how overcoming rejection actually looks in practice.

In truth, rejection can sometimes be as painful as hell. But let’s pretend for a moment we are in a bar and after a couple of beers and a few insults, I get up and you let me tell you just one thing: Well, f*ck it! (Did that make you feel better?)

There is really no good in dwelling on it, is there? Especially if there’s nothing you can do about it! First rule: don’t let it bother you. Sounds hard, I know. But I’m sure you can manage to work on this. Consider that a rejection is REALLY nothing personal (unless it happens in a personal relationship, then of course it’s personal but that’s because it should be).

Overcoming rejection with being stubborn?

There you have it, in big red letters: you have been REJECTED (*evil music in the background playing*). Let me ask you: does this mean the end of the world? I honestly hope not because that would really be terrible. But hey, let’s try to be optimistic here and say everything will be fine. Go on, say it. Go on. Out loud. Now repeat it as many times as you need. Who knows? Maybe you end up believing it.

(Another rule) Please, don’t be stubborn. There is nothing that can make things only worse. If it’s not meant to happen (and if you have been already rejected, then it’s quite obvious it’s not meant to happen), it just won’t. Even if you beg on your knees, even if you try to force it, you will accomplish only your own fatigue.

I hardly think you have never heard of something called A Second Chance. Oh, you have? Nice. Now, personally, I think that’s a myth. Come on, think about it. There’s no such thing as a First, Second or Third Chance! Honestly, that makes life sound as a weird videogame! There you go, if you fail here, you can restart and try again the exact same thing until you succeed according to our game’s rules. At least, that’s how I think videogames are. Excuse me, I’m no expert.

Life is basically about failing

But let’s not miss the point here: life is basically about failing and not always succeeding. And let me tell you how great that is! Otherwise, we would be robotic creatures who would always get what they wanted with no effort and no worthy life-experiences.

What makes you a truly great human being (not a weird robot) – and successfully overcoming rejection! – is what you learn from your experiences and how you grow with it. You just get up and go on, no change of batteries required.

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