Pros and cons of Procrastination

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Procrastination is Why is it that when I do things last-minute, I think more clearly? How do I think as clearly as I do when I push things off to the last minute? In the ways of how we live our lives, we are used to being under pressure. Everything happens in a rush and the stress caused by the smallest things is so familiar to us that we don’t even notice it often enough. This could be one of the reasons why some of us work better with urging matters.

Procrastination is the only way for journalists

Some people are better working this way. Like journalists, for example. They accomplish things fast because they have no alternative. They can’t afford to wait because they do their job around the clock. To choose this way of working is fine. That’s how you get things done at the end of the procrastination. It works because you are actually pushing yourself to do it. Like journalists, there’s no other way.

But what if the task you’re performing requires a larger amount of time to be done? You can’t create a masterpiece overnight. Time is, in fact, the ally of perfectionism. It allows you to work on it as much as you need until you feel satisfied with the work. Grant yourself a deep breath and understand there’s no such thing as perfection. Keep this in mind and you’ll be kinder to the things you do and prevent you from being excessively strict to your own work.

Observe yourself during those times of efficient work. Try to figure out the state in which you are at those moments. Maybe later, when you feel like procrastinating, you could be able to recreate that same environment around you, as well as your own disposition.

How to end procrastination behaviour?

Something that could help is making lists of tasks you need to do and the time by which they must be completed. This way, you are creating a schedule which may help you to work on things with plenty of time foreseen. Always keep in mind why you are doing this specific task and how it will help you to create something bigger and better.

When you plan things ahead, you are already visualizing yourself in those future situations, such as being relieved when you’ve finished with your work or delivering things the way you wanted.

The truth is, at the end of the day, it’s all in your head. Concerning procrastination, you’re the only one who can push yourself to get the job done. Nevertheless, if you force the work, it may be counterproductive and the consequences could be worse, such as stress or self-deprecation. Instead, challenge yourself to do it. When you complete one task, take a moment to appreciate how you’re advancing. Seeing good results will motivate you to keep working and accomplishing the tasks you set.

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