Self-motivation: When Life Doesn’t Cooperate

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You can’t find dialogue with life. Unpleasant events are happening on daily basis. Things are constantly going beyond your control. In cases like this self-motivation is a way to go. Get to know yourself and start doing things you love and enjoy in. 

“Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” 

Zig Ziglar, Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World

First of all, ask yourself important questions. Questions like what do you want in life? What do you love to do the most? What are your passions? What makes you happy?

You need to start exploring yourself in order to get to know the real you. This may sound easy at first, but the truth is that not many people know themselves completely.

It’s not crazy, talk to yourself

Have some internal dialogue and ask that voice in your head what is it going on about. Trust me, you’ll discover some interesting things.

Once you find out the things that you like most in your life, a path becomes clear. It may not be as clear as a yellow brick road, but you get the concept.

Even a broad perspective of your life can become a motivation itself. In fact, as the view gets wider, you’ll start seeing more and more possibilities and sources of inspiration.

What comes next? Give shape to your life

You need to cut out everything that is not good for you.

➔ Maybe it’s about quitting your job and finding another thing to do that makes you feel more fulfilled.

➔ Maybe you need to get out of a relationship that’s not keeping you motivated.

➔ Maybe you need to move to that city/place you’ve always wanted.

When you start doing things that you love, it will be easy to find self-motivation.

This is a very important step since the only judge who decides that is you. Change is essential. It’s what makes us become who we are supposed to be. So tell me, what will you change in your life to stay motivated?

Here comes the “but”…

“BUT what about when I have to do something I don’t like?” Well, if you have to do it then you better hold on to a dear little friend of mine who’s called Optimism.

There must be something good to come out of a tiresome task. There always is. No, really. Even if it’s a teeny-weeny good thing, I promise it’s out there, somewhere.

For example, you may loathe eating healthy food. You just can’t stand the smell of fresh vegetables or you feel like fainting when you see a salad.

But then, as time goes by, you will realize that healthy food is SO GOOD for you! And that’s how you will come to enjoy it.

That’s actually the key to self-motivation: enjoying it. 

When you are faced with something you don’t want to do, go on and try to break it down to find the most enjoyable way to do it. Sometimes, even only going ahead with no negative thoughts makes it easier.

Take a look outside of the box

To see the bigger picture helps to understand why you are doing this (insert any particular thing here) today, here and now.

Also, when you go along with Optimism, you’ll always find something to enjoy.

If your lack of motivation is caused by procrastination or depression, please take a look at these other posts on such subjects. Also, feel welcome to send me any question in this regard.

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