Service Industries That Require a Professional Certificate

Degrees are not an option for everybody–but sometimes they are. Often, a modified kind of degree, like a certificate, might be what you need. Here are some of the most prominent service industries that require a professional certificate to reliably find jobs within the industry. 


Nursing is one of the fields where a college degree can help, but it is not necessary. Many undergrad students will do pre-nursing as a major in order to prepare themselves for the certificate or other higher degree. It is not, however, mandatory. Getting a nursing certificate will bypass the necessity for a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree. 

Thus, certified nursing assistants–or CNAs–can get by on training alone. But it is important that you get your training from a good nursing school or other certified entity. You’re going to need a certain amount of hours of experience to get the certificate. Research who offers nursing certificates in your area and what the process will be like. 


Cosmetology is a unique field with its own standards and expectations that are quite different from other medical or professional industries. Unlike nursing, most universities don’t offer cosmetology degrees. You will need to go to a school specifically for cosmetology and/or beauty in order to receive a professional certificate. 

That’s a good thing–since most certificates can be earned in one to two years, and usually cost far less than a degree. You can also be certified in specific areas, showing that you have expertise in a certain cosmetological skill. Getting certified for specific services like lash lifts can help create trust with clients.

Web Developer

The high rate of technology growth in the modern world means that tech jobs are in very high demand. That includes almost every facet of computer science, information technology, and more. Web development is a relatively straightforward job where you design the layout of a website with coding languages like JavaScript and Python. The current demand for web developers means that you could likely find an entry-level job that pays quite well with a certificate alone. A degree for such jobs would be undoubtedly better, but the huge demand and the flexibility afforded might mean it’s what is right for you.

Certifications are the best choice in cases where money and time are not afforded for a full degree. Sometimes, they can be a lot easier and pay a lot better than some degrees. Do lots of thorough research in order to know which certification is best for you. 

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