Sickness, death, bankruptcy … How to prepare yourself for the unavoidable?

There are some things in live which are unavoidable. Death of your parents, your pets getting sick, kids moving out for college and so forth. These are the things you need to prepare yourself for and it’s not an easy task. By my belief there’s only one way to ensure we are truly protected. Read further to find out more.

Some people tend to live like there is no tomorrow without stopping to think about the unavoidable possibilities of life that can completely change it. And with no insurance and no savings, how could you start solving those problems?

Think about it. Usually, when we say “what could possibly go wrong?” is because there is actually something that can go wrong and we just didn’t pay attention to it. Anything can drop from the sky, literally anything.

Communicate as much as possible with people closest to you

Go to your loved ones and talk about what could happen. Sit down and discuss with your business partners about the possibilities of bankruptcy or other similar situations. “What if … ?” is always a good question to ask. No matter how terrible the probable scenarios are.

It’s understandable if thinking about bad scenarios makes you feel anxious. But trust me on this one. It’s a necessary and rewarding thing to do.

What if…someone in the family dies and leaves who knows how much debt … ?

What if…I get into a car crash and I end up in a wheel chair … ?

Sickness, death, bankruptcy, unavoidable

Here are some tips on handling unavoidable:

  • For starters, have your things always in order and all your paperwork up to date.
  • “Just in case” is actually one of the best mottos you can have, no matter what you’re doing.
  • Always think beforehand. Always take precautions.
  • For the love of everything you hold precious, go get good insurance. I cannot emphasize this enough. It’s one of the best reliefs in the world and it provides a life that can be as normal as possible.

When someone unexpectedly gets sick …

Sickness, death, bankruptcy, unavoidableHere’s a real-life case. I know an elderly couple that was living the good life. They were travelling for holidays, spending on renovations for their house, etc. Sadly, the husband is now very ill and they struggle to find money to pay for extra care. It is heartbreaking to see a situation like that.

To think they could have spared some of the money they spent and put it into insurance in order to avoid this situation! How different their lives would be if they would put just 20% on the side for situations like this? Would they enjoy it any less than they did?

After you make due preparations, you’ll feel much better. Then you can go and live however you please, knowing there’s something backing you up. I guarantee that you will be living even more fully because you will free your mind!

Resist “unavoidable” by taking control of your future

The truth is that bad things happen whether we like it or not. There is no reason to feel miserable or fearful. On the contrary, let’s take control of your future.

I know for myself that I will be a very happy man, while paying various insurance policies throughout my whole life, even in case in the end nothing bad happens! Well, especially if nothing happens, of course. But then, if something does happen I will be even happier because I was smart enough and prepared for it.

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