Simple Employee Perks That Can Make Your Whole Company Happy

Good businesses take a holistic approach to employment, viewing employee satisfaction as a marker of a healthy company. When employees are happy, they work hard. When employees work hard, the business thrives. One of the easiest ways to boost employees’ happiness is to offer a few perks that make their workdays easier or more exciting. On the other hand, workplace features that improve employees’ health set them up for long-term happiness and success. There are a few simple office perks that promote health and happiness for everyone.

A Fridge

A fridge is an easy investment for your office break room that keeps on paying. Employees can save money instead of buying lunch out, eat healthier meals like salads instead of preserved foods and trust their food will be fresh and crisp when they’re ready to eat. There are plenty of healthy, delicious foods that can fit easily in an office fridge. The ability to refuel easier mid-workday will keep your employees from letting hunger get in the way of their work.

Wellness Challenges

Wellness challenges are one way to encourage workers to stay healthy and have fun. Organizing a step challenge allows employees to dare themselves to adopt healthy habits. Workers can use fitness trackers to count their steps and challenge themselves to meet company quotas or beat records made by other employees. This approach encourages employees to stay healthy in a fun, exciting, goal-motivated way. Being able to provide wellness challenges, like organizing a step challenge for your company, shows you care for the well-being of your employees.

Meditation Breaks

Another perk that can re-energize employees is allowing meditation breaks. Numerous studies have found that meditation can reduce work-related stress and anxiety. That’s why many companies, like Google, pay for employees to go to weekend meditation retreats or attend mindfulness training classes. Encouraging in-office meditation does not actually require an expensive program or a guru. It can be done with simple steps, like teaching breathing exercises to employees, offering a quiet space for thoughtfulness and providing short breaks for those who would like to meditate, pray or just breathe. A workplace full of meditation is not just a perk for easily stressed employees; it’s also an opportunity to create a calmer, more productive office.

Providing the right perks to increase employees’ health and happiness can be easy. It can also make for a healthier, happier company. From fridges to wellness challenges to meditation breaks, there are plenty of easy ways to create a happier workplace and happier business.

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