Small Investments That Can Help You Market Your Business

Marketing doesn’t have to be done in big, sweeping, expensive projects. On the contrary – effective marketing is about consistency. Here are a few small but effective things you can do to consistently put your brand in view of your local community.

More Attentive Customer Service

This option is one that is completely free. You really shouldn’t have to pay anyone, employees included, to be better at customer service (unless you want to consider a rewards model to motivate them). This one really just comes down to effort and consistency. Take a look at what seems to be the biggest complaints or problems that customers tend to have. How could you go about addressing these? Are there problems that are standard for the market that, by innovating and fixing, could help your business stand out? At the end of the day, people want to feel like they’ve been taken care of. They want to feel welcomed. That is what good customer service is about.

Vehicle Branding

The breadth and reach of vehicle branding is going to depend a lot on the size and type of business. Even if your business has you as the only employee, and you don’t have any commercial property, odds are that you do have at least a vehicle of some kind. Making it clear what it is that you do, along with a logo and contact information on a car can be invaluable. You’ve provided your town with a mobile billboard ad that is eye-catching and only requires a one-time payment with subsequent maintenance. This effect multiplies if you have a business that is large enough to use multiple company vehicles. Just so you know – car wraps are more affordable than painting your brand logo on.

Online Action

The digital world is an essential half to the advertising whole. Show your customers that you are tech-savvy and willing to work for their convenience by putting a QR code on your vehicle. Make a webpage for your business with a place to digitally request services or input orders. Social media presence is more important than ever. Figure out who is your target audience locally, and on which social media platform(s) they’re likely to be found. Interact with them generously.

Marketing isn’t just about money. It’s equally about effort and sociology. It’s about understanding what you are going for and what your customers want out of your service. It’s about consistently inserting your brand into the public eye until it takes on a life of its own.

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