Stop working so hard and start working smart!

working hard, working smart, work smart

In this post, I’m going to share with you a few tricks that will help you to manage your work dose better. Thomas Edison said once that there is no substitute for hard work. Well, agree to disagree, my dear Tommy; nothing personal.

Why do we work so hard?

A terrible pressure falls on all of our backs from the moment we become part of the workforce. People constantly perpetuate the idea that long and hard work is good. That is how society generally thinks: you have to work hard for them to take you seriously.

If you don’t, society makes you feel like there’s something wrong with you when in fact they might be the ones with the problem.

The real question is: is it really necessary for you to get overwhelmed (by work) in order to feel productive?

I don’t think so! There are actually many good reasons why you should be learning to work smart, not hard. One of the most important ones is, for example, avoiding stress.

Extra! Extra! Ultimate truth: Hard work does not actually always mean success. That’s a fact. So why should we keep doing that to ourselves?

working hard, working smart, work smart

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Here’s how you can switch to working smarter!

If you have always worked hard and want to know how to take a step into a different and better way to do things, working smart is for you.

You see, effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference!

If you want to learn how to manage your effort, let me tell you a little secret: it’s all about scheduling!

Believe me, organizing your time is one of the smartest ways of working that there are. It may sound a bit obvious, but you just gotta have the knack of it! If you can do it right, scheduling will save your life.

So let me present to you, the Work Smart Board!

You can use this Work Smart Board to organize your tasks and To-Do lists. You will never have to worry about over-scheduling again!

working hard, working smart, work smart

Here’s how it works: When you are faced with a task you must do, simply ask yourself:

What will happen if I don’t do that?

If the answer is “nothing” or “not that much – it can wait”, then the task goes into the Non-Important or the Non-Urgent category.

This is how you start arranging things both in your head and your routine. It’s a very effective and visual way to have all things clear and your objectives in sight.

Extra tip:

If you don’t know how important or urgent a task is, there’s a little trick I do. I keep another Random To-Do List in which I put all the stuff that I’m not sure where else to pin. So then I have this list ready for whenever I have spare time and do these things like once a week.

What’s really cool about a Work Smart Board like this is that, if you prioritize and do the Important things on time, they will almost never become Urgent. So, before anything, you only need to focus on those.

Prioritize, delegate, stop the perfectionism.

Honestly, there’s no need for you to lose your head over some of those everyday issues. So, every time you’re about to get swamped in work, take a deep breath and remember to take it easy. At the end of the day, you’ll enjoy your job even more if you appreciate the little things, each one at its own time.

There are many other ways to work smart. Take a look at my other post about working smart here. There are also many other interesting articles around here, so take your time and enjoy.


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