Starting a Business? Solidify Your Hiring Process with These Tips

If you are starting a new business and need to hire employees, there are important factors that you want to consider. Here are four tips that will help:

Define the Role

The first step to take when hiring new employees is to figure out the specific kind of support that you will need. Create a list of all the tasks that you require assistance with. Do you need someone to help you with email marketing, cold calling, or search engine optimization?

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Determine the responsibilities for your new employee and decide on a fixed salary or hourly wage. This will depend on the seniority of the role, the work that needs to be done and your budget.

List the Job in the Right Places

To find individuals who are qualified for your job, post your job listing in all of the appropriate places. This may be at local job listing websites or at a social media site that links people based on their connections.

Interview Smart

Once you start receiving inquiries about your job listing, it’s time to conduct interviews. If you are the only person at your business, you’ll be conducting the interview. If you do have employees, it may be appropriate for one or more of your employees to interview the new candidate.

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Once you solidify the person and know who is going to be doing the interviewing, you will need to come up with a number of questions to ask each person.

How do they react when working under pressure? If a customer is angry, how would they act in this type of situation? Asking your candidate questions like these will indicate if they are appropriate for your new position.

Run a Background Check

Once you have decided on a new candidate, you should run a background check on their history. This pre-employment screening will ensure that your business, customers and fellow employees stay safe.

Depending on the position, you may also want to run a drug test before hiring your candidate. Some drug testing services come to you depending on what state you’re in. Otherwise, you’ll have to find a facility where you can have this done.

When running a background check or drug test on a new applicant, be sure to follow all of the appropriate guidelines and laws.

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Do the Right Paperwork

Once you’ve interviewed and screened your candidate, you’ll need to make sure that they are eligible to work in the United States. Your new employee will need to follow the rules and regulations required by the government such as filling out Form I-9 and providing a valid ID.

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As you can see, the hiring process is streamlined and straightforward. By using these four tips, you should be able to find a new employee that’s perfect for the vacant seat in your business. When you need to hire a new employee, you will just repeat the process.


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