Stop Worrying About the Future: Nothing is Permanent

Stop worrying about the future

One of the things we tend to worry about often is the future and the uncertainty of the things it might bring, which seems normal at first, but when you think about it, do you truly believe it should alter so much our emotional balance? Maybe not!

I recently published a post about a useful Philosophy of Life, in which I approach why there is no good in worrying about the things you can’t change. There is even a Worry Tree over there! (Yes, I promise such a thing really exists)

In the every-day life, it’s good to have a long-term vision. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have much to look forward to. However, something I’ve noticed in life is that no matter how much planning you do, you will never be able to see the future. Anything can happen.

This is why…drums, please…I don´t believe in plans or goals.

In my life, I only outline some general vision of the direction my life should go. That’s it. Sounds simple and even silly but the truth is that it’s in fact, the key way to prevent obsessing about the future.


German author Eckhart Tolle describes the Power of Now in his book entitled exactly that. He states that feelings such as discomfort, anxiety, stress and concern are the symptoms of an excess of living in the future.

Bring back your focus to the Here & Now.

If you make plans and plans and plans then you might get distracted and miss out on the chance to fully enjoy the path towards the goal you had in mind.

After working for it for many years, when you reach that oh-so-desired long-term goal, you may find that you are only happy for a moment. This could be because you have changed much more than you knew and what you wanted years before may not matter now as much as it did back then.

I knew a girl who studied many years in university thinking she would graduate, get a job she liked and have a wonderful life. But years passed and when the moment came, she found herself in what would have been her “dream job” but now she actually hated it. It was not at all what she expected or what she wanted in that moment of her life. Hence she quit, worked on finding herself again, and followed her heart into what made her happy.

Don’t worry

It’s okay to look forward to things in the future, even material things. But more important than that is to always keep in mind that those things will not be what make you a complete and fulfilled human being.

In a deeper level, you will already be complete without them. This way, it will be even easier because there is no fear of failing and you will be able to approach those things in a livelier manner.

Nothing is permanent

When you realize and accept that, you will find that true happiness does not come from outer things, but from within YOU. And that is what really counts!

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