The Best Cities to Set Up Your Crypto Business

In the brand-new and rapidly growing industry of crypto, understanding the fundamentals of an industry that is so new can give you a serious leg-up. The location of your new business is one of these essentials. Just to start, here are a few of the best cities in which to begin your crypto business!

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The good thing about Portsmouth is that it has already been established as a kind of hub for crypto-related enterprises. This means that being in Portsmouth will connect you in numerous ways even deeper into the market, since all your neighboring companies will be at the center of the action. Clients will be ready and available, having come to Portsmouth with the purpose and expectation of involving themselves in crypto. There are even shops that accept exclusively crypto as payment and educate tourists and customers about how to convert their bank account money into cryptocurrency.

Miami, Florida

The current mayor of Miami is openly trying to pitch the city to the public as the world’s newest cryptocurrency capital—and why wouldn’t he? Not only does the city already have a thriving crypto market and community, but the massive abundance of tourists who pass through every year provides a constantly fresh group of people who can be introduced to the revolutionary new system. The culture and climate are fantastic—Miami is home to several authentic Cuban restaurants and other great cuisine. There have also been numerous tech companies who have relocated there from previously profitable tech territory like California or Utah.

San Francisco, California

The world-famous and iconic California bay area has done it again! Not only does San Francisco house some of the biggest crypto companies currently running, but it also is rapidly expanding the use of crypto among its 900,000 residents. This is reflected in the fact that there are cryptocurrency ATMs and crypto-friendly stores positively coating the city. The biggest drawback, of course, is the cost of living, which is relatively high compared to most of the United States. But if you’re an already well-established business with the proper investors on board, you definitely want to consider this one as an option.

These three cities are only a sample of the possibilities. In reality, crypto is such a fast-growing and ever-changing market that there are many cities and tech centers that are great for crypto startups. These are just a few of the best—so get out there while you’re ahead of the curve!

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