Tips for Helping Teen Employees Succeed

If you’re hiring new employees, don’t underestimate the talent and potential of teenage employees. However, teenagers will need a little bit more help and encouragement along the way, especially if it will be their first job. Here are a few tips for helping teen employees succeed. 

Communicate Expectations

First, make sure that you’re clearly communicating your expectations to your teen employee. Often, if expectations aren’t clearly communicated, teen employees won’t know how to proceed or what to do. They might not fully take care of some of their responsibilities if they don’t know what you expect them to do. 

Unlike older employees that have years of experience in the industry, teenagers often need a bit more instruction to be successful. Make sure to be positive, encouraging, and specific when you’re communicating your expectations to your teen employees. 

Become a Mentor

Next, recognize that your teen employees are in a very formative time of their lives. They could benefit a lot from having a positive and exemplary mentor around them. Teens that have mentors in their life are more likely to succeed. Instead of being critical and judgmental of your teenage employees, try to recognize their potential to grow. 

If you inspire and mentor them, they’ll be happier in their job and work harder at their tasks. You could become a lifelong friend to them if you try to mentor and help them throughout their journey at your company.

Provide Detailed Training and Instructions

One of the best ways to help your teen employees is to provide them with detailed training and instructions. Even though training your employees requires a lot of time and energy on your part, it is a very essential part of their success. Make sure that you take plenty of time to train your teen employees, even if that process takes weeks or even months. It can also be helpful to provide your teen employees with detailed instructions that they can continue to reference in the future. 


It can be difficult to remember all of their responsibilities when they’re being trained, so having instructions to reference can be a huge help. Type out instructions and post them in their corresponding areas to help your employees perform more precisely and successfully. 

So, if you’ve just decided to hire a teen employee, remember these tips for helping them to succeed. Make sure that you communicate your expectations clearly, become a mentor for them, and provide detailed training and instructions. This will help them to grow and improve in a lasting and significant way.

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