Yes, it exists. To-Do List to be Happy! 

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It is possible to construct happy life for ourselves and here is what you are going to do: To-Do List to be Happy. I read it every morning and before I go to bed. You should try it out too. You know, in order to construct a happy life for ourselves we must make a little effort sometimes. So here we go, here’s a to-do list of things you should do as often as possible.

The cool thing about this is that soon enough you’ll find yourself having a happy lifestyle! As you already know, it’s the little things that count.

Number one on to-do list: Smile and be nice

  • Smile and say “Hi!” to people

When you smile and greet. With that you are giving a wonderful gift not only to people but to yourself also. It creates a nice vibe around you.

  • Do some exercise

Activating your body helps to power up your mind. If you’re a lazy person, try to find something that suits you best (maybe yoga or some pilates).

It can also be something that fits into your daily routine, like biking to work instead of driving.

  • Do humanitarian work in any way you can

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

—Mother Teresa of Calcutta

This may sound a bit selfish (to help others in order to make you feel good). It’s not. You see, “giving” is something we should always do without expecting anything in return. As soon as you learn that, it will truly fulfill you.

Get out there in the world!

  • Travel, travel, travel

I just can’t say it enough times. On your happy to-do list travelling should be priority. Go out there; meet people from other cultures; learn that the world is not at all a small place and we are all citizens of it.

If you are single, do not worry. Check out my post about traveling alone, here.

  • Meditate

Some peace and quiet and a space to give up our thoughts is exactly what we need in our restless and noisy daily lives. Mind you, you don’t have to become Buddha.

In fact, you can easily find an activity that provides you with such peace of mind. In my case, I get it when I go out to walk with my dogs.

  • Sweet dreams are made of this

Sleep well. If your body wakes up feeling good after a good night’s sleep, it will make all the difference in your day. You can also add a power nap in the afternoon, if you like.

Do you want to know more about good sleeping habits? Check out my post about it, here.

Eat ice-cream, go watch movie

  • Quality time!

Be sure you include some quality time on your to-do list. Spend as much time as possible with those you love (family, friends or pets) and doing activities you enjoy. Go for a walk; watch a movie; go buy an ice-cream.

You don’t have to go over the top. I mean, it’s about the small and happy moments you and your loved ones create.

  • Take pleasure in Mother Nature

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

—Lao Tzu

Take a walk into the woods, go hiking. Being in contact with nature sort of makes you forget the little “problems” of life.

Sitting by the sea, for example, reminds us of how small we are and it never fails to provide calmness and perspective.

Be grateful and talk to yourself

  • “Thank you” is still a magic word

Above all, always be grateful. I have a list of things I am grateful for and I update it regularly. I read it every evening before going to sleep and it helps me to remember the important things in my life. That’s how you learn to cherish them the most.

  • Internal dialogue is important

Ask yourself powerful good questions. Philosophize with the mirror. There’s no better teacher than yourself simply because you are the person who knows you better than anyone else. You can do this while meditating, too.

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