How my dog Happy made me a truly happy person

miha matlievski fail coach truly happy person

Ever wondered, how to become a truly happy person? Then take a few minutes and read my story about Happy and Bobika, my two little adorable creatures that brought joy and happiness to my life. I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. Pets are – like I already mentioned and I’ll say it once again – adorable little creatures, bringing unconditional love to your life. They have the ability to give love with no expectations or any hidden agenda. A genuinely admirable feature and even people could learn from them.

I could say I had a beautiful and fulfilling childhood. No traumas, wonderful, loving parents, and numerous possibilities to explore the benefits of life. All my wishes, no matter how ridiculous, had usually been fulfilled. However, as life has its way, everything changed very quickly. Within a very short period, I lost a few of very import people, and things changed in a heartbeat. I went from a “I am the king of the Universe” to “I do not want to get out of my bed” state of mind very quickly.

Of course; I was not alone during this turbulent time. My mother was right there beside me, suffering just as much as I had. That was also the reason, why I decided to get her a puppy. I thought if I had gotten her something to occupy her thoughts, she would get better. Moreover, it worked like a charm. She eventually got better and started to continue with her life. One day at the time, but at least there was some progress.

Dogs are therapeutic

As I was observing, how therapeutic that little fellow was to my mother, I decided to get one as well. After all my business and personal escapades, I had a lot of spare time. What better way to fill the void than giving another chance to abandoned animal, needing a place to live? We went to a shelter (with my partner) and brought home a cute little thing, named Happy.miha matlievski fail coach truly happy personWhat a joy. Happy has been and still is a bundle of pure love and happiness. Everybody was approving my decision and saying it was a very honorable gesture, but to me, it was much more than just being a Good Samaritan.

Happy started the healing process of my entire life
. My priorities began to fall in their place, and the picture became much clearer. I started wondering what do I want from my life and whom do I want in my life? Happy was also the reason that helped me realized how different my priorities were from my partner’s. If we were not able to agree on how to take care of our dog, there is no way we were able to raise a child together. So, we decided to go our separate ways, wishing each other all the best and embracing whatever the future holds for us.

In need of substantial life changes

Getting used to this new life routine (on the road to become a truly happy person) was a bit of a challenge, and Happy supported me every step of the way. Yes, it sounds strange, but there he was, waiting for me patiently, to come from work every single day. That pure, unconditional love was my breaking point when I realized that I need to make some changes in my life. Coming home to that joy and happiness helps you forget about all the stressful situations that happened during the day. Leaving all bad things behind you and appreciating the beauty of right here and right now is what makes life interesting. Living in the moment and not worrying about the past or questioning about the future is the concept that all of us should be able to grasp.

I realized how animals cherish every single moment of their lives. It is not always just joy and fun, but as long as you act from within and remain true to yourself, things will get better.

I wanted to experience the whole “living in the moment” effect, and therefore started with meditation. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I am not a person for a regular meditation. After trying out several methods, and achieving very little, I have started with my personal practice of meditation.

Hello, Bobika …

It is a pretty simple process. 3-4 times a day, I leave everything behind me, inmiha matlievski fail coach truly happy personcluding my phone and other everyday worries and for a nice, relaxing walk with my two dogs. Yes, I forgot to mention, now I have two dogs. I have decided to adopt another one along the way, and our everyday walks are my
personal meditation. These walks have made me an entirely different person. I used to be a very lazy person, but now I enjoy being active tremendously. Meditation is not only beneficial for my body, but it also helps me with my social life. I meet many interesting people during our time in nature. Everybody seems to love these two adorable rascals and approach me randomly, on a daily basis.

I am exercising, encountering new people and being loved each and every day unconditionally. I must admit, this is a pretty good and satisfying life. There is nothing to complain about whatsoever.

… And how I became a truly happy person

Instead of worrying about what happened in the past or what might occur in the future, I am only enjoying myself at this particular moment. I became a truly happy person. Thanks to my two dogs which made me a better person, there is absolutely no doubt about it.

It is funny how people think that I rescued them. However, the truth is actually the other way around; they rescued me. I would certainly have gone down the wrong way after the break up if it had not been for this two. They have done so much more for me than I am ever going to be able to do for them. For that, I am grateful and trying to return the favor each and every moment.

There is so much more to life than just five star hotels, and “nothing is good enough for me” attitude. I know that now. Sure, it is nice to be able to afford precious things. However, we need to invest in ourselves and evolve on an entirely different level as well. Everybody can find the way how to do it. My personal salvation is taking care of Happy and Bobika.

Who knows what or who is your saviour?

miha matlievski fail coach truly happy person

You just need to be brave enough to discover it by yourself. This path is the path you need to take on your own. And you’ll become a truly happy person!
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