What Every Successful Business Owner Has in Common

Not every business sees great success. Sometimes it’s the business plan, or employees, or product, but on occasion it’s just the business owner themselves. The most successful businesses are led by people who have certain characteristics, such as the following!

They Have a Passion for What They Do

Passion is an essential characteristic for a business owner. This helps drive motivation and gives positive feelings, engagement, and meaning to the work. Having a passion for what they do allows entrepreneurs to have a unique view that others will not have. This passion will help move them along, even if others don’t believe in what they are doing. Passion is something that can’t be taught, but is innate to the business owner, driving ambition and determination. A business owner’s passion will influence those they employ. This passion is a strong motivator for employees to do their best work to move the business forward.

Their Employees Trust Them

Trust is essential to building relationships at your business. After all, you need trust for all the moving pieces of your business to work. A business won’t be successful with one person alone but needs a team of people to fulfill all the responsibilities. Trust is not something innate, but it needs to be earned. A business owner will earn the trust of their employees as they are consistent in their work. They will earn trust as they have clear procedures, defined work responsibilities, and stay true to their word.


Successful business owners are goal-oriented which is what helps them continue to achieve success. Goals are a motivator that keeps them working hard and making improvements. Business owners are constantly thinking of ways that they can help their business improve and be even more successful. Business owners will set very clear goals for themselves and do everything they can to achieve those goals. Often, they will write these goals down and make plans to achieve them. The kinds of goals they write are SMART goals; this means specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound.

Successful business owners have many characteristics in common. For anyone to be successful in building a business it can be helpful to study these characteristics and work to develop them yourself. Even if you don’t have all the characteristics now, with a little practice you can develop all the characteristics you need to be a successful business owner.

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