What to Expect From Candidates Applying at Your Company

When you’re looking to fill positions at your company, you’re likely to see a lot of applicants. To narrow down the pool of candidates, you need to know what sets apart the good candidates. Searching for these things can help you find the right person for the job.

An Easy-to-Read Resume

A resume is meant to represent a person’s job experience and skillset. If you read a resume and still have no idea who the person is or what they’re capable of then you have a problem. A quality resume is easy to read and understand. The job descriptions should be clear and lead to further confusion. 

When looking over resumes, consider whether or not you understand both what jobs people have done in the past and what experience those jobs provided them with. If a resume is too convoluted or confusing, then move on to the next candidate. An easy-to-read resume demonstrates a candidate that can clearly communicate and that is someone you want on your team.


You can learn a lot about candidates from their application material and interviews. However, you’re only getting one perspective. In order to know more about a person, you should turn to their references. Character references can give you important information about a job candidate. 

They can tell you about their work ethic, their skills, their personality, and other pertinent information. As you review candidates, look to see who provides you with references so you can learn more about them. If candidates don’t provide references up front, ask for them to send you contact information so you can get to know them better.

A Fitting Personality

While job experience is an important factor, you also want to look at who a person is. You want to look for someone who really fits in with your company. Anyone can work on their skills, but personality is lasting. You want to find someone who aligns with the values and goals of your company. This will ensure they’re willing to work hard to achieve those goals. You also want to find someone who has a personality that fits in with the company culture. Each job will have different personalities, so consider what qualities your ideal employee would have.

The hiring process can be long and overwhelming. If you know what to look for, it can make everything much easier. Narrow down your pool of candidates and find the right person for the job by seeking out these things.

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