What You Need for a Quality Parking Lot at Your Business

When you own your own business, there are a ton of things you need to stay on top of. If you have a physical location, one of those things is maintaining it so it stays in good condition and is welcoming to your customers. All of that starts with a quality parking lot. But what makes up a quality parking lot?

Good Materials

The foundation for having a quality parking lot starts with it being built using quality materials. Most parking lots are made from asphalt, though concrete is becoming an increasingly viable option as the quality of the material improves. Still, there are plenty of advantages to using asphalt to pave a parking lot that can give it the edge. Regardless, a sub-base layer will need to be laid first. This can often be done using recycled aggregate, such as recycled crushed concrete. It’s been proven to be an effective, quality material that is more environmentally friendly than virgin gravel.

Protect It

Even the best materials aren’t going to hold up under all the pressure and wear and tear they’re exposed to if the lot isn’t properly cared for and protected. Cracks and pits can form due to the weight being placed on the lot, as well as water seeping in. This is especially problematic when it freezes, as the water will expand, causing the cracks and pits to grow. You can protect your parking lot by sealcoating it regularly. Sealcoating protects your vehicles in addition to preventing serious asphalt cracks.

Easily Visible Lines

For a parking lot to be effective, let alone high quality, it needs to be clearly marked so people know where to put their vehicles. Special types of paint are used to create road markings. Their properties make them highly visible in a variety of weather conditions, whether it’s sunny or pouring, and allow them to hold up well against constant traffic. For best results, and for similar reasons, these are the types of paint that should be used in a parking lot as well. 

A quality parking lot is a good way to start laying the foundation for a good first impression for your customers. Things like good materials, proper protection and maintenance, and easily visible lines are important to making sure your parking lot is in good condition. This likely won’t be something you handle personally, but it’s still good to keep in mind when choosing a physical location for your business.

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