Why Entrepreneurship is an Ideal Alternative to College

Although there are large societal pressures to go to college, a college education does not guarantee success for every graduate. In fact, some people can be just as successful in chasing their dreams and making money without any sort of degree.  If you have the motivation and the drive, you should consider entrepreneurship as an alternative path instead of attending college.

Some People Aren’t Fit for College

Starting a career by attending college requires a large amount of focus when it comes to attending classes and completing assignments. Some of the courses you are required to take might not even have a direct impact on your career goals and stand as filler classes. Additionally, some people get bored inside a classroom and would rather go out and build something with their hands. According to Sofi, if this is the case for you, attending college might not be a productive option and your talents could be better used elsewhere, perhaps through a self-driven career path. There is no reason you have to spend time in college if you can yield the same outcome on your own.

Many People Don’t Have College Opportunities

Ever since people started attending college, it has been set up in a way that benefits a specific group of people who can afford to go to college. As mentioned earlier, college has a large time commitment, but it can also be very expensive. Those who need to work to support themselves might not have the extra time or money to pay for college. Different life circumstances can also impact whether you can attend college. As Franchise Gator points out, many immigrants don’t have the same college opportunities as those born and educated in the U.S. This does not mean that people who were denied the opportunity to go to college, however, cannot find success through entrepreneurship.

Financial Growth Opportunities

One of the main contributing factors to people’s disinterest towards attending college is the financial toll it can take. The average college tuition is around 13,000 a semester, which is more than most students can afford on their own. This leads them to go into debt with student loans. If you decide not to attend college and become an entrepreneur instead, you will still deal with some financial risk. However, you can immediately work towards relieving your debt instead of growing debt every semester.

College is all about giving you the skills to succeed in life afterwards. That said, you can still find success on your own. Entrepreneurship allows you to learn as you go.

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