Why Servant Leadership Reduces Employee Turnover Rates

The traditional authoritarian approach to leadership is beginning to fall out of style in favor of servant leadership. Servant leadership is not a new invention. There have been examples of servant leadership since the beginning, they just haven’t been as popular. Following those examples is a key strategy for managing your business well and retaining excellent employees.

Servant Leadership Encourages Growth

According to The Hire Talent, opportunity for growth in an organization is one of the leading indicators of healthy retention. Engaging in servant leadership practices intuitively provides these opportunities to your employees. This is because servant leaders don’t command—they facilitate. Under this model, employees can speak freely, having a say in their work and in the direction the company is going. Because of this collaborative atmosphere, both the employees and the company can grow. Additionally, servant leaders don’t micromanage. Micromanaging may keep your employees from making mistakes, but mistakes are valuable tools for learning. Through making their own mistakes, your employees have the ability to grow. Employees who feel like they have opportunities for personal growth and career advancement are more likely to stick around.

Servant Leadership Increases Job Satisfaction

As employees have a say in where the business is heading, they are more likely to be engaged. Employee engagement is a key benefit of servant leadership, according to Infosurv. Employees who are engaged in their work tend to feel more satisfied with their jobs. They have a sense that what they do matters in the overall mission of the organization. Servant leaders are seen as more approachable than traditional authoritarian leaders. This promotes a healthy atmosphere in the workplace that makes it an enjoyable place to be. When an employee is satisfied with the work they perform and the environment they do it in, they will value their job. Keeping your employees satisfied leads to lower turnover rates.

Servant Leadership Attracts High-Quality Employees

You want top talent for your business, but so do other companies. High-quality employees have more employment options. If they have the ability to go somewhere else that feels like a better fit for them, they will. To attract these employees, your company needs to be a satisfying place to work that affords them opportunities to grow. According to Jostle, servant leadership is attractive to employees who are looking for these qualities in a workplace. High-quality employees who value your company will stay on board. They will work more efficiently, providing your company with greater returns.

It takes humility to be a servant leader, but it is these types of leaders who attract and retain high-quality employees who value the company they work for. Through servant leadership, you afford your employees the opportunity to grow, keep them satisfied, and attract the best of the best. With this model of leadership, you can keep your turnover low and your returns high.

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