Why You Should Work at a Standing Desk

Standing desks have become more popular over the years. Since growing in popularity, standing desks have evolved to adjust to different angles and heights. 

Although these desks look unconventional and gimmicky, they actually provide many benefits to users. 

Improve Your Productivity

When you are sitting for a long period of time, you get tired easily and start being less productive. Standing increases your energy, so having a standing desk will help improve your productivity. 

Increased productivity will make it easier for you to stay focused on work tasks and work more efficiently. You may find that working at a standing desk helps you finish projects and assignments faster, allowing you to move on to other things more quickly. 

Reduce Back Pain

One of the biggest complaints people have about desk jobs is that they have intense back pain. This back pain is usually caused by sitting hunched over at a desk looking at papers or a screen for hours at a time every day at work. By working at a standing desk, things at work will be easier at eye level, eliminating your need to hunch over. 

Using a standing desk also forces you to improve your posture, which helps to further reduce back pain. Easing your back issues can bring pain relief to your legs and hips as well. This means that a standing desk can help eliminate obvious pain in your back but also work to alleviate tangential pain. 

Burn More Calories

When you stand, you burn around 50 more calories per hour than if you are sitting. By working at a standing desk, you are taking steps to be healthier with just a small change. Office jobs can be very detrimental to your health if you aren’t regularly exercising outside of work because you barely move around. While you should still find time to exercise regularly, switching to a standing desk will help you be less sedentary and inactive at work. Burning more calories at work reduces your risk of becoming overweight from not burning off enough calories. 

You should try a standing desk even if you don’t think it will help you very much. Just because this is not what a traditional desk looks like doesn’t mean that it cannot or doesn’t work well. Switching up your regular desk for something more functional and innovative can help boost your productivity and creativity. 

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