Why Your Business Should Encourage Biking to Work

More and more people have started to bike to work. There are movements that have facilitated this trend, including cities that create greenbelts for cyclists and city-wide fitness programs. If you’re wondering if you should encourage your employees to ride to work, wonder no more. Here are three reasons why you should.

Improves Your Image

Encouraging your employees to bike to work could do amazing things for your company’s image in terms of branding. It’s likely that, like many companies today, you are doing your part to make your office greener. A bike-to-work initiative would be an excellent addition to other green programs, like recycling and city clean-up teams. To make the most of this, be sure to include your commitment to green in all of your business communications, including job postings and press releases. This will help you attract the right kind of employees to your company. It may even produce stories in the local news media.

It’s Probably Safer

While there are some risks associated with biking, it’s actually probably safer for your employees. Nowadays, many major cities have greenbelts that cyclists can ride on to get around town. These greenbelts are separate from vehicular traffic and therefore, not as prone to high-speed accidents. Greenbelts also offer bike riders a chance to be out in nature, which is good for them mentally and physically. Biking to work may have some risks, though depending on where you live, those risks could be fewer, due to dedicated bike areas.

Supports Office Wellness Programs

Many companies have started employee wellness programs. These programs encourage physical fitness and often include rewards for employees who make the most progress in their fitness goals. Adding a bike-to-work component to this is one logical way to support the program. What’s especially effective about this type of exercise is it doesn’t require them to break their daily routines, making it much easier to integrate. People have to get to work, anyway. They might as well ride their bikes to do it.

Encouraging your employees to ride their bikes to work has many benefits, not the least of which is that this mode of transportation often comes with fewer risks. It’s also an excellent way to encourage someone to build exercise into their day. When your company has a reputation of encouraging fitness and supporting green causes, you’ll have an easier time attracting employees who want to be a part of this kind of company culture.

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